Conference about the Shabbat, the will hold place at BGU on May 14-16th



Of special interest to e-Idra members are the following sessions:

Tuesday, May 15 22 Iyyar 5761


Fourth Session: Mystical Thought

Chair: Prof. Haviva Pedaya, Ben-Gurion University

Prof. Moshe Idel, Hebrew University

Shabbat in the Kabbalah (H)

Prof. Arthur Green, Brandeis University
Aspects of Kabbalat Shabbat (E)

Prof. Michael Fishbane, University of Chicago

The Inner Point and Transcendental Wholeness in the

Mystical Theology of R. Yehudah Aryeh Leib of Gur (E)
Wednesday, May 16 23 Iyyar 5761
Eighth Session: The Medieval Period
Chair: Dr. Boaz Huss, Ben-Gurion University
Prof. Robert Brody, Hebrew University

Varieties of Shabbat Observance in the Geonic Period (H)

Prof. Howard T. Kreisel, Ben-Gurion University
The Shabbat in Medieval Jewish Philosophy: From the Supernatural to the Natural (H)
Dr. Amos Goldreich, Tel-Aviv University
Shabbat in the Tikkuney Zohar (H)