Kabbalah, Hasidut  and Kabbalah related session of the forthcoming 13th World Congress of Jewish Studies


 Division C: Jewish Thought


340      The Ba’al Shem Tov Tercentennial Anniversary (Plenary Session)

Chairperson: Moshe Rosman

Tuesday (14 Aug 2001)   15:00 - 17:00  Room: Truman Auditorium      

Ithamar Gruenwald            (H)

Various Types of Hasidism: Are They Interconnected?

Moshe Idel            (H)

Early Hasidim and Prophecy

Ada Rapoport-Albert  (H)

Israel Ba'al Shem Tov, Jacob Frank and the Russian Schismatic Sectarians

Karl E. Groezinger            (E)

The Besht Within the Ashkenazi Ba'al Shem Tradition as Heir and Innovator



343      The Zohar

Chairperson: Yehuda Liedes

Tuesday (14 Aug 2001)   09:00 - 11:00  Room: 2718    

Bracha Sack            (H)

Act, Speech and Thought

Ronit Meroz            (H)

The Early Editing of the Zohar

Oded Israeli            (H)

The Non-Hermenuetical Hermenuetics in the Zoharic Parable of the Maiden in the Tower

Orna Lankry            (E)

Cosmology and Religious Experience in the Ets Hayim



347      The Early Kabbalah (A)

Thursday (16 Aug 2001)   11:30 - 13:30  Room: 2712    

Yakov Travis            (E)

'ואמת גם כן' R. Ezra of Gerona’s Influence on The Nahmanidean Kabbalah

Gerold Neker            (E)

Fallen Angels in the Book of Life

Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus  (E)

The Ritualization of Scripture in Rabbenu Bahya Ben Asher’s Eating “Manual Shulhan Shel Arba”


348      The Early Kabbalah (B)

Chairperson: Amos Goldreich

Thursday (16 Aug 2001)   15:00 - 17:00  Room: 2712    

Ephraim Kanarfogel  (H)

Mysticism and Asceticism in Thirteenth-Century Italian Rabbinic Literature

Erez Peleg            (H)

On the Structure, the Goals and the Uniqueness of R. Shem-Tov's “Sefer HaEmunot”

Natalia Zabolotnaya            (E)

Cosmogony and Space Structure in Eleazar of Worms (ca.1165-ca.1230)


349      16th Century Jewish Philosophy (In Cooperation with the Mandelbaum House Foundation)

Chairperson: Bracha Sack

Monday (13 Aug 2001)   17:30 - 19:30  Room: 2505    

Alan Brill            (E)

The Maharal as a Renaissance Thinker

Avrum Ehrlich (E)

Renewing Semikha and Sanhedrin in the 16th Century: Its Failure and the Things that Followed

Annelies Kuyt (E)

The Kabbalistic Dream Wisdom According to R. Shlomo Almoli

Aharon Gaimani (H)

On the Preaching of R. David Ben Shushan


350            Messianism and Sabbatianism

Thursday (16 Aug 2001)   09:00 - 11:00  Room: 2505    

Sid Z. Leiman (E)

New Evidence on the Emden-Eieschuetz Controversy: The Amulets From Metz (Co-writer Simon Schwarzfuchs)

Matt Goldish            (E)

The Meaning of Sabbatian Heresy According to Jacob Sasportas and Gershom Scholem

Arie Morgenstern (H)

Messianic Expectation in Safed at the Close of 1740 (ת"ק)

Mor Altshuler (H)

The Secret of His Wives Revealed: Chapters in the Messianic Biography of Rabbi Joseph Caro


355      The History of Hasidism

Monday (13 Aug 2001)   09:00 - 11:00  Room: 2718    

Ron Wacks            (H)

The Development of the Concept of Yihudim in Hasidism

Susanne Galley (E)

Jewish and Christian Holy Men - A Phenomenological Comparison

Igor Turov            (E)

Hasidism and Christianity in Eastern Rzecz Pospolita


356      The Hasidic Tale as Cultural Resource

Monday (13 Aug 2001)   11:30 - 13:30  Room: 2718    

Gedalyah Nigal   (H)

The Apologetic Element in the Hasidic Tales

Tzvi Mark            (H)

Comedy and Laughter in Worship: Following a Story by R. Nahman of Bratslav

Nicham Ross            (H)

The Charm of R. Nahman of Bratzlav for the Authors of Tehiya Literature


357      Trends in Later Hasidism

Chairperson: Ada Rapoport-Albert

Monday (13 Aug 2001)   15:00 - 17:00  Room: 2718    

Naftali Loewenthal            (E)

The Baal Shem Tov’s Iggeret Hakodesh and Contemporary Habad “Outreach”

Yitzhak Kraus            (H)

The Habad Movement in the Second Half of the 20th Century - Continuity or Innovation?

Yehuda Ben-Dor      (H)

Religious Essentialism and Individual Liberty Which Come as One – Reading in the Thought of R. Mordechai Yosef of Izbiz


358      The Philosophy of R. Kook

Chairperson: Tamar Ross

Sunday (12 Aug 2001)   11:30 - 13:30  Room: 6837 (Hendless Auditorium)     

Stephen H. Garrin (E)

Rav Kook’s Torah U Madda - Zionism Renders Mysticism Political

Uriel Barak            (H)

The Circle of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook: Between Esotericism and Exotericism

Yoni Garb            (H)

Halakha, Prophecy and Antinomianism in Light of the Newly Published Writings of Rabbi Kook

Elchanan Shilo (H)

Rabbi Kook, between Hegel and the Lurianic Kabbala

Chana Kehat            (H)

Woman: Her Essence, Status and Education according to Rabbi Kook's Doctrine


359      The Philosophy of Martin Buber

Chairperson: Gershon Greenberg

Sunday (12 Aug 2001)   14:30 - 16:30  Room: 6837 (Hendless Auditorium)     

Allan Lazaroff (E)

Nietzche, Buber and Rational Religion

Ruvin Ferber            (E)

The Epistemology of Martin Buber and the Paradoxes of Contemporary Science

Ilya Dvorkin            (H)

Physical Descriptions of God and Ontological Reality: German, Russian and Jewish Sources

Israel Koren (H)

The Internalization of Hasidic Principles in Buber’s Thought in Light of the Debate About his Interpretation of Hasidism



361 Interiorization and Its Essence in Jewish Society, Philosophy and Literature

Chairperson: Moshe Hallamish

Tuesday (14 Aug 2001)   17:30 - 19:30  Room: 2718    

Yehuda Liebes (H)

The Extraversion of  the Secret: from the Talmud to Heikhalot Literature

Ron Margolin (H)

The Interiorization of Religious Life at the Begining of Hasidism

Avriel Bar-Levav  (H)

Internalizing the Inconceivable: Remembering Death

Haim Beer            (H)

The Interiorization of Disease in the Writing of Avot Yeshurun




366      What Can Religious Traditions Gain from Interfaith Dialogue?

Chairperson: Daniel Rossing

Sunday (12 Aug 2001)   14:30 - Room: Truman Auditorium      

Steven Goodman (Buddhism) (E)

Alon Goshen-Gottstein (Judaism) (E)   

Sidney Griffith (Christianity)            (E)

Satti Khanna (Hinduism) (E) 

Abdulaziz Satchedina (Islam) (E)       


367      What can We Learn from Another Tradition's Understanding of the Religious Significance of Shared Sacred Space?

Chairperson: Daniel Rossing

Sunday (12 Aug 2001)   17:00 - Room: Truman Auditorium      

Steven Goodman (Buddhism) (E)

Alon Goshen-Gottstein (Judaism) (E)   

Sidney Griffith (Christianity)            (E)

Satti Khanna (Hinduism) (E) 

Abdulaziz Satchedina (Islam) (E)       


Special Sessions:Ephraim E. Urbach International Fellowship winners

Session A

Chairperson: Jerry Hochbaum

Monday (13 Aug 2001)   15:00 - 17:00  Room: Buber 202     

Adiel Shremer (H)

“Great is Amana”: The Song at the Sea, the Holy Spirit, Jewish-Christian Polemic and the Failure of the Bar Kokhba Revolt

Gavriel Beerenbum            (H)

Mishnaic Language in the Eretz Yisrael Vocalization of the Geniza Fragments

Hillel Newman            (E)

How Should We Measure Jerome's Hebrew Competence


Session B

Chairperson: Menachem Ben-Sasson  

Monday (13 Aug 2001)   17:30 - 19:30  Room: Buber 202     

Rachel Freudenthal            (H)

On the Concept of History  Among the Founders of Modern Jewish Historiography

Avinoam Rosenak            (H)

Utopian Zionism, Anarchism and Anti-Secularism in the Doctorine of Rav Moshe Avigdor Amiel

Yair Lorberbaum            (H)

Imago Dei and Imitatio Dei In Early Rabbinic Literature


501      Jewish Magic

Chairperson: Yoram Bilu

Sunday (12 Aug 2001)   11:30 - 13:30  Room: Senate Hall     

Reimund Leicht  (E)

An Ancient Jewish Exorcism or Liturgical Prayer? The Aramaic Version of a Greek Magical Text

Gideon Bohak            (H)

Magic Halakha and Monotheism in Ancient Jewish Magic

Yuval Harari            (H)

Children, Madmen and the Dead: Divination and Its Agents in Rabbinic Literature

Ya'acov Sarig  (H)

Between "There" and "Here": Magic and the Modern World in Jewish Folktales from Yemen


506      Fate, Dreams and Dybbuks: Rituals of Folk Culture

Chairperson: Tamar Alexander

Tuesday (14 Aug 2001)   09:00 - 11:00  Room: Senate Hall     

Shaul Bar            (E)

Incubation Dreams

Irina Sedakova            (E)

Universal Elements in the Ritual Paradigm of Childbirth

Yoram Bilu            (H)

Did Dybbuk Possession Exist before Exorcism ? A comparative View of the Construction of Culture-specific Syndromes