Bibliography of the Writings of

Professor Moshe Idel

A Special Volume

Issued on the Occasion of his Fiftieth Birthday

Professor Idel is one of the most important and prolific scholars in Jewish studies today. His many publications have appeared in Hebrew, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Rumanian, Russian and Catalan. The bibliography provides annotated listings of all of his published works including articles published in journals and collected studies volumes, book reviews, encyclopedia entries, introductions to books, critical editions and manuscript facsimiles, full-length monographs and volumes which were published and distributed in limited copies within Israeli universities.

The bibliography is organized chronologically with annotations in Hebrew which refer the reader to translations, abridgments and expansions of published and unpublished versions. Appendices which are not enumerated in the titles of the studies are also listed, including the significant use of primary sources and the reproduction of pages from rare books. Manuscript sources to editions - partial as well as complete - have been listed with the microfilm number from the Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts housed in the Jewish National and University Library (JNUL). The bibliography is followed by an alphabetic listing of all titles in Hebrew and other languages, an index of historical figures, a title index, a subject index and an index of manuscript sources.

Bibliography of the Writings of Professor Moshe Idel

ISBN 0-9640972-5-7 [1997]

Hardover, 60 pp.

Foreword in English and Hebrew

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