Résumés de thèses / Abstracts of Ph. D.

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Abraham Elqayam

The Mystery of Faith in the Writings of Nathan of Gaza (Hebrew University, December 1993). [English Abstract]

Israel Koren

Main issues in Friedrich Weinreb’s Philosophy (Hebrew University, April 1996). [English Abstract]

Boaz Huss

Ketem Paz - The Kabbalistic Docrtrine of Rabbi Simeon Lavi in his Commentary of the Zohar (Hebrew University, October 1992). [English Abstract

Karen DeLeón-Jones

Prophets, Magicians and Rabbis: Giordano Bruno and the Kabbalah (University of Chicago, 1994). [English Abstract

Gil Anidjar

"Our Place in Al-Andalus": Declinations of Context in Arab-Jewish Letters (University of Berkeley, 1997). [English Abstract

Joel Hecker

Each man ate an Angel's meal: eating and embodiment in the Zohar (University of New York, under the supervision of Elliot Wolfson, 1996). [English Abstract

Yoni Garb

Power and Kavvanah in Kabbalah (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Advisor: Professor Moshe Idel). Janvier 2001. [English Abstract]  [Hebrew Abstract