Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts

Daniel Abrams and Avraham Elqayam Editors

A Cherub Press Publication, Los Angeles


Volume 2, 1997

9 Foreword

Studies in English and French

13 Moshe Idel: Orienting, Orientalizing or Disorienting the Study of Kabbalah: 'An Almost Absolutely Unique' Case of Occidentalism

49 Y. Tzvi Langermann: A New Redaction of Sefer Yesira?

65 Jean Baumgarten: Textes mystiques en langue yiddish (XVII--XIXe siècles): Les traductions des Shivh'ei Hayyim Vital et Shivh'ei ha-Ari

105 Avraham Elqayam and Benjamin Hary: A Judeo-Arabic Sabbatian Apocalyptic Hymn

143 Giacomo Saban: A Mid-XIXth Century Description of the Sabbatai Sevi Episode

151 Menahem Kallus: The Relation of the Baal Shem Tov to the Practice of Lurianic Kavvanot in Light of his Comments on the Siddur Rashkov

169 Charles Mopsik: Un manuscrit inconnu du Sefer Tashak de R. Joseph de Hamadan suivi d'un fragment inédit

Bibliographia Kabbalistica

209 Andreas Lehnardt: Pseudepigrapha as Antecedents of Kabbalah - A Selected Bibliography


Book Reviews

241 Yochanan Lederman: Allison P. Coudert, Liebniz and the Kabbalah, Dordrecht-Boston-London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995,. XVII + 218 pp., ISBN 0-7923-3114-1

243 Benjamin Richler: The CD ROM Collection of the Hebrew Manuscripts of the Library of the Jewish Community of Mantua - 'Fondo Ebraico' Mantova

254 New Books and Books Received

Studies in Hebrew

271 Yehuda Liebes: Review Essay, Charles Mopsik, Moses de Leon's Sefer Sheqel Ha- Qodesh, with an introduction by Moshe Idel, Los Angeles: Cherub Press

287 Melila Hellner-Eshed: 'A River Issues Forth From Eden': The Language of Mystical Invocation in the Zohar
311 Daniel Abrams:
Traces of the Lost Commentary to the Book of Creation by R. Jacob ben Jacob ha-Kohen: An Edition of a Commentary to the Book of Creation Based on the Earliest Kabbalistic Manuscripts

343 Beracha Sack: The Garments of Adam: A Lost Work of Shabtai Sheftel Horowitz


Volume 3, 1998


7 Foreword

Studies in English

11 Elliot Wolfson: Constructions of the Shekhinah in the Messianic Theosophy of Abraham Cardoso, With an Annotated Edition of Derush ha-Shekhinah

145 Moshe Idel: On Mobility, Individuals and Groups: Prolegomenon for a Sociological Approach to Sixteenth-Century Kabbalah

Review Essays and Book Reviews

177 Charles Mopsik. Moïse de Leon, le Sheqel ha-Qodesh et la rédaction du Zohar: Une réponse à Yehuda Liebes (Kabbalah 2 [1997], pp. 271-285)

219 Daniel Abrams: 'Jewish Gnosticism', Review of. Nathaniel Deutsch, The Gnostic Imagination - Gnosticism, Mandaeism and Merkabah Mysticism, Leiden-New York-Koln: E. J. Brill, 1995

224 Marina Cavarocchi Arbib: Dalla parte del lettore: interrogativi e problemi in calce a Charles Mopsik, Cabale et cabalistes, Paris: Bayard, 1997

229 New Books and Books Received

Studies in Hebrew

243 Israel Knohl: 'The Friend of the King': The Messiah of the Qumran Sect

259 Israel Ta-Shema: More on the Ashkenazi Origins to the Zohar

265 Raphael Shohat: The Vilna Gaon's Commentary to Mishnat Hasidim: The Mashal and the Nimshal in Lurianic Works

302 Michael Schneider: 'Joseph and 0snat' and Early Jewish Mysticism

345 Avraham Elqayam: Sabbatai Sevi's Manuscript Copy of the Zohar


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