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The Journal des Études de la Cabale (Journal for the Study of Kabbalah – “JEC”) is an on line academic journal devoted exclusively to the study of Kabbalah. Its main objective is to centralize in an electronic medium all relevant information for the study of Kabbalah. This platform will help facilitate communication between scholars of various disciplines and will become a readily-available and effective tool for all. The journal includes various disciplinary approaches and publishes studies and reviews in French, English or Hebrew. JEC strives to gather information on the diffusion of contemporary forms of Kabbalah, including items from scholarly journals, extensive (and annotated) bibliographic lists, annoucements of doctoral research in progress, scholarly events such as symposia, congresses and groups of research, classes and seminars given throughout the world, and critical presentations of Web sites related to Kabbalah. JEC will also publish original papers and book reviews. Readers will be assisted further by a glossary of Kabbalistic personalities, inquiries and discussions from other readers and will have access to JEC’s "Research Archives".

The creation of an electronic interdisciplinary Journal for the study of Kabbalah is tantamount to a growing need from a wider and various public. All the fields of research in this area are linked each other and their gathering offers the possibility to establish connections around the world.

The very recent creation of a Journal entierly consecrated to the study of Kabbalah texts, the first one in this kind, shows the vitality of contributions and initiatives in a field that can be both precisely delimited in the sphere of history of religions and in which all inventions and reinventions are mutlpliying. This new Journal: Kabbalah : Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts is published in Los Angeles by Cherub Press and its first issue is now available. We would want that this electronic Journal will be a kind of on-line extension of the former with special objectives. We hope above all to offer an open and supple tool that intends to vivifiying and to follow in “real time” discussions among researchers of various disciplines and to supply informational instruments of research constantly updated and increased. So, besides articles, bibliographies and critical notes, we want to broadcast informations on the current events of research, doctoral works in progress, lectures, symposia, academic type of teachings, audio visual and multimedia productions, Web sites and discussions' group, or to put it in a word: mustering, evaluating and broadcasting all informations concerning Kabbalah research, in any media whatsoever. We hope equally to collect, in the research archives, items and documentary sources hardly accessible or deserving new publication. We would like also to collect living reports in order to build little by little a “geographic map” of places of study and of contemporary practices of Kabbalah, without any exclusion. We will get the greatest possible advantage of quick and easily accessible communication that allows flexibility and integration in the management of the mass of data, they be archivistic, bibliographic, textual, sonorous or graphic documentaries. We want to avoid giving a too rigid framework and content to this Journal in order to allow the blossoming of new rubrics and new links.

Articles, research notes, reading notes, all contribution entering into the study field covered by this review, in French or in English, and now in Hebrew, can be addressed to us via electronic mail (e-mail):

All contributions in the domain of medieval, modern or contemporary Kabbalah studies will be submitted to the editorial committee that keeps for itself the right to publish or to return it to his/her sender. For diminishing the expedition expenses, fasting exchanges and facilitate the work of publication, we request from the contributors to address their writings via the JEC electronic mail address above.

© JEC - Journal des études de la cabale (Journal of Kabbalah Studies) - 1997. According to the French and International Law, any copy of any part of this this review, in electronic or print form, is strictly forbiden. The author of each article or book review is the sole owner of its copyright. JEC is the owner of the Web format of all the matter published in each issue. It is not legaly responsible for the ideas and content of the articles.

Send us your messages and all informations that could be interesting for the Journal des Etudes de la Cabale !

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